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We are Erin & Brennan, the owners & operators of Fox Sparrow Farm. Twenty years ago we were immersed in the retail end of the food industry as buyers and local food enthusiasts. After a decade of running storefronts in the San Francisco Bay Area, we were drawn more towards working outdoors with land & animals. We find the life rewardingly simple and complex at the same time. Running a small farm allows us to connect more with the food we eat as well as the environment around us.  In our opinion animals will always be sold as food in our industrialized food system. Therefore we want to make sure the animals we eat and provide to our community are treated with the respect and care they deserve. As stewards of the land we farm, it is also important to us that we improve and maintain critical habitat for our native flora and fauna.  We are proud to be utilizing regenerative, rotational grazing systems in our pastures. Through this we are building healthy soil which we see as the building block of a healthy ecosystem.

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